What if… your ‘What If’ Syndrome is sabotaging you

Last week I came across the funniest words: “The human body is 90% water. We’re basically cucumbers with what if’s anxiety”.

And how hilarious these words may be, there is some truth in them.

According to a research conducted by the National Science Foundation, we have around 12,000 – 50,000 thoughts daily. And around 80% of our thoughts are negative. So day by day we are mostly driven by either negatively comparing ourselves to others, being in blame mode, regrets of the past, and worries and fears about what could happen in the future. So the voice in your head is most of the time pretty disruptive and may have a good dose of drama.

Let’s focus on the worries and fears about what could happen in the future. These are all your ‘What if’ thoughts:

The so called ‘What if’ Syndrome.

what if anxiety

Especially when you are on crossroads in your life, when you have a decision to make, the ‘What if’ Syndrome can really sabotage you. You will start to think about all the bad, negative, scary things that could happen. You will start to overthink and overanalyse. You will start to postpone and procrastinate. You come up with many different reasons (or excuses) why not to make a move.
Like too soon, too expensive, too much, too little, too risky, too…

Or you try to avoid taking responsibility and ownership (and therefore possible blame and failure) by leaving it up to the universe, the alignment of the stars, or something or somebody outside you.

Why do you sabotage yourself? Why is your head creating so dominantly all these worst case scenarios, even if your heart and gut are -softly- leading you to the right direction?

You have something which I call your Safety Mechanism. It’s an unconscious mechanism that wants to steer you away from pain towards pleasure (or less pain), so to keep you safe.
That’s its only job. Not to make you happy, fulfilled, successful… no just safe.

This Safety Mechanism has learned that your current situation is safe. Yes, maybe you feel stuck, frustrated, afraid, overwhelmed, overworked or unsatisfied… But the situation is proven to be safe because you are still alive.

So because the job of the Safety Mechanism is to keep you safe, it will do really everything to keep you there. It will create all kinds of doom scenarios in your head, reasons and excuses, procrastination, even illness.

And do you remember a previous message on how women tend to go into a hyper focus, and then the sympathetic nervous system is triggered and consequently ignites all kinds of fears? (If not, you can read back HERE).
If you hyper focus on all the ‘What If’ thoughts in your head, you’ll get lost in an über vicious circle of negativity and self-sabotage.

So what can you temporarily do when you find yourself stuck in this Catch-22?

To get yourself out this limiting loop for a while, you need to get out the hyper focus. This will allow you to reconnect with your inner higher wisdom, which is in your heart and gut (not so much your head).

To get out the hyper focus, you should activate your parasympathetic nervous system. A simple way to do this is to sit upright, look at a point in a distance slightly above eye level. Then expand your vision, while you keep looking at this point. See how far you can see the environment around you. Can you expand your other senses too? Become aware of your surroundings.

Next, find some supporting evidence that contradicts all your negative head chatter (remember the famous quote ‘ What if I fall? – Oh but my darling, what if you fly’).

And lastly, be selective when you ask others for opinions and advice. Other people’s opinions might not help you and might fuel your “What If’ Syndrome. Especially when these people are not in the same phase of life as you are, and are not having the same challenges, purpose and calling.

But how to stop your self-sabotage, worry, anxiety, and fears once and for all? What can you do so you can make aligned head-heart-gut decisions? How to not get in the overthinking and overanalysing mode?

You need to have Creatrix®. This is a super advanced modality exclusively designed for women to set you free from all your mental and emotional blockages, fast and for good.

Do you want this? Let’s talk then!

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