The ugly truth of your beautiful 2022 Planner

As the high-achieving powerhouse mom that you are, you like to plan, right?

2022 planner

So you’ve probably just completed a ‘2022 Planner’ workbook.

Yes, the one with a beautiful cover and cute font.

You have created a shiny 2022 vision board.

You have set your amazing New Year’s intentions, resolutions, and goals.

Like. You. Do. Every. Single. Year.

And again you are so determined to make this year THE BEST YEAR EVER.

This year will be your year, it will all be different.

Yep, I’ve been there too.

So I also know it’s not working.

You still have pretty much the same dreams, desires, hopes, and wishes as in 2021, 2020, 2019…

You want to go to bed earlier and yell less to your kids and partner. You promise yourself more me-time. You want to have more money in the bank (that you are saving instead of spending on new shoes). You aim for more fulfilling work/clients/projects/opportunities. You are determined to go to the gym more consistently, and swear to eat less chocolate and drink more grass weed…

But by February you are back to your old patterns, habits, and excuses.

Yes, I’ve done that too.

And I figured out why it all isn’t working out. Why do you keep having the same hopes and dreams, and the same shit and stuckness year in and year out.

Are you ready to hear the ugly truth?

You will not find happiness, success, and fulfilment by DOING MORE, but by BEING MORE.

As you can’t outperform your mindset.

Read that again.

It is the deep underlying inherited patterns and root beliefs that fuel all your experiences, decisions, and steps in life. Transformation starts inside you, not outside you. Because when you feel good enough you will make other decisions, and do things differently than when you are afraid you fail. With different results.

You won’t make this year a successful, happy, or relaxed one, because you filled out your 2022 Planner, made your vision board, or journaled on your New Year’s affirmations.

Not when you secretly still feel not good enough, small, scared, insecure, sad, angry, worried, stuck, lost, and a failure.

So let’s do things differently (and more efficiently) this year, by Being different, Ok?

For once and for all, let’s set you free from the emotions and beliefs that are really holding you back to rock this year (and the years to come).


The first step is to schedule your free Game Plan call with me. We will map the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be, and create a Game Plan with assured results. Schedule your complimentary meeting by clicking this link:

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