Stop chasing goals and targets, do this instead

Earlier this week I shared with you how women can go into a nasty hyperfocus when chasing goals and targets, and then start to procrastinate, feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and burned out.
(If you have missed this, read it back HERE first).

I got dozens of reactions from women saying it gave them massive AHA-moments, but who were also curious to learn what to do instead of frantically going after goals and targets to keep control over the messiness of life.

So today I’m going to share what to do instead, so you can stop secretly feeling so overworked, triggered, lost, scared and frustrated.

Traditionally we’ve learned that we have to DO in order to HAVE so we can BE.
So you have to do the work, chase the goals and reach the targets, to have what you want, so that you can be happy, successful, and financially secure,…

But this actually works only for 1 out of 5 women. For 4 out of 5 women it causes immense distress, overwhelm, and procrastination because of their hyper-focus as explained in my previous message.

But there is more…

chasing goals

Most women suffer from an unalignment of their head, heart and gut. This means that you might rationally know that you are good enough, worthy, and deserving… but it just doesn’t feel that way.
In your heart, you feel doubt, fear, and insecurity. You have to cheerlead, convince and push yourself to come into action, to perform, and to reach your goals and targets.
But secretly you fear what others think, feel rejected, criticized, and create all kinds of doom scenarios.
This doing then takes sooooo much energy and is just painful.

Your unconscious mind wants to go away from pain towards pleasure (or wants to go away from the most painful to the less painful). Therefore we will do everything to avoid feeling that overwhelm, anxiousness and stress (hello self-sabotage!).

So ironically, the traditional model of DO-HAVE-BE stops most women from actually chasing goals.

But what’s the alternative then?


You need to start with not only knowing you are good enough, but also feeling it. Your head-heart-gut need to match up. Start with being happy, content, confident. Then this leads to flow and to doing, as doing is not painful anymore. This will automatically lead to having as a result.

So first step now is not doing but being. Be happy, grounded, relaxed, calm, confident first in head, heart and gut.


By asking me for help to ditch your emotional and mental blockages and align your heart, heart and gut once and for all (even with result guarantees!).

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