The secret Mental Load that crushes Powerhouse Moms

Powerhouse moms are women who have it all-a career, a family, and social life. These women are often highly successful because they can do it all with ease and confidence, or so it seems…

In reality, they secretly struggle with a massive mental load due to all the responsibilities they feel they have.

Most C-suite moms run the show at home and at work. Most of them are managing family finances, maintaining kid’s schedules and appointments, miss work to take care of sick children, and handling the majority of household responsibilities. And an overwhelming 52% of working moms are facing burnout from all these responsibilities which are causing a crushing mental load!

Mental load refers to the amount of mental energy required to complete a task.

It can be defined as the amount of cognitive work (or better: the overthinking, remembering, researching and worrying) that is done so to get things done. It’s the mental stress that women feel about all the things that need to happen at home and at work, and all the thinking that is required with managing all the schedules, events, and to do’s of all family members…

According to research, nearly 9 in 10 mothers who have a partner, say they feel the only one responsible for organizing the family’s schedules. This makes them feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and unable to make space for their own self-care.

Do you feel this mental load too? Are you exhausted of all the organising, managing, remembering, researching, and planning? Then you probably feel over-responsible and hear often something like ‘Let me know if you need any help’…

mental load

As an ambitious mom, you may often feel you should be at your best both at work and at home but you are afraid you fail. You believe you are not good enough. You try to compensate the pressure to –on the one hand- spend the perfect time with your children because you don’t want to miss it, and on the other hand, manage all your tasks, expectations, demands, challenges, and to do’s…

Further, you might juggle providing financially and being a role model for your children. And because you are a woman you still tend to take on more responsibilities than men, which causes you to feel over-responsible.

And once you finally break down, feel exhausted, cry at the kitchen table, snap at your children, and feel you lose control, what might your partner say? It might be something along the lines of “Let me know if you need any help!” or “You should’ve asked! I would’ve helped you.”

However, this unconsciously sends you the message that you are Chief Household. And it’s actually not so much the help that you need to accomplish tasks, but it’s the mental relief that you need so you can feel confident that things get done (and done the right way 😉) even if you aren’t in the driver seat.

This of course means you need to be able to set your boundaries and hand over control too. That you are ok with it when things don’t go as planned or aren’t perfect. That you accept that your way is not the only right way, so you trust others to do things well too. And that you let go and don’t double-check and micro-manage.

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