Be hugely successful, without secretly feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, and small.

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Be hugely successful, without secretly feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, and small.

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You are a powerhouse mom

You know how to push through and get things done.

Others see you as a mover and a shaker.

As someone who is very successful and has everything under control.

And in your outer world you do: you have the brains, the money, and the lifestyle.

However, what other people can’t see is you feel so unfulfilled and unhappy. And this totally confuses and embarrasses you. You want to leave a legacy, and especially for your children, you want to be a true role model.

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All you want is to really feel your hard work is worth something. That you feel happy, fulfilled, worthy, empowered, and grateful.

But your light is dimmed by your greatest daily fear that everything you worked so hard for will soon be burned down, and all your sacrifices and time lost with your kids was just for nothing. You would feel such a failure. So you push yourself even more searching for a sense of security.

You always thought that thriving in a high-pressure position and living a fulfilled life could be found in working really hard and persevering. By staying up to date with the latest management techniques and productivity hacks. And by just forcing and pushing yourself. You truly believed in ‘no pain, no gain’.

Even though being driven is your second nature, you still feel stuck, frustrated, overworked, and overwhelmed. And pushing yourself actually makes it worse.

This totally confuses you. So you wonder if you just have to accept this life and keep going, or whether there is a way to finally have it all.

Now let me reveal to you

the secret is not found in doing more, but in being more.

As you just can’t outperform your mindset, the answer lies deep inside your head, heart, and soul. In the unconscious, hidden mental and emotional programs that actually run your show. In the deep underlying inherited patterns and root beliefs that fuel all your experiences, decisions, and steps in life.

To really get rid of your blocks and to thrive in your life, you need to become aware of your inner world. Transformation starts inside you, not outside you. Because when you feel good enough you will make other decisions then when you are afraid you fail. 

So your breakthrough Plan needs to be:

Get rid of your deeply-rooted fears, insecurities, stresses, and worries. Transform your inner world, so you feel confident, calm, strong, and empowered.

Step 1: Be

Being free from your fears and insecurities, make the changes you have to make in your outer world. And be supported all the way.

Step 2: do

Finally, be hugely successful and fulfilled, without feeling small and inadequate.

Step 3: have

I have developed a system that takes you profoundly through this Breakthrough Plan:


Join Powerhouse now, so you will:

Powerhouse is built on 3 pillars

Every quarter you get a personal 1:1 breakthrough session with me in which you let go of your biggest blockages. In weekly group calls, you will be coached and mentored on the spot with the challenges you are facing. Direct and personal help, so that you can be, do and have it all, now
Hands-on, immediate courses, techniques, processes, files and documents to get rid of your overwhelm, frustration, procrastination, stress, and other blocks, and to be instantly inspired and empowered.
A welcoming and warm group of women like you for continuous support, accountability, and inspiration. So you won't have to do things alone.

We kick-off your Powerhouse program with your personal, 1:1 Onboarding Session of 30 minutes. So I get to know you better, and help you get the most out of Powerhouse. Then in a group of like-minded women, you are going to work for at least 6 months to first become aware of your deep-rooted and self-sabotaging unconscious blocks. We will do this through the Soul Surfing Program, which includes exciting and creative collage exercises, beautiful visualizations, and thought-provoking journal prompts. Every quarter you will get a very transformative personal Powerhouse Breakthrough Session with me to let go of these blocks. In this way, you transform your inner world and get to BE more. So you will feel empowered, strong, and confident. This will show directly at work, (bye imposter syndrome!) and at home. You won’t shout to your kids anymore, or feel guilty when watching Netflix instead of actioning your to-do list.

Additionally, to help you on the spot with issues like stress, overwhelm, procrastination, fear, and worry, you have 24/7 access to an extensive Neuro-Hack Library. This library is full of hands-on exercises, techniques, processes, visualizations, and Binaural Beats to give you immediate relief. The ever-expanding Powerhouse Toolkit houses a variety of courses to inspire and uplift you, such as a revealing Personality Test, and a guide to How to become the best version of you. This juicy Curriculum is online and always at your disposal when you crave it.

Once you’ve become aware of your blocks, and broken through them. It’s time to take action. Because the moment you get rid of feeling not good enough, fear of failure, or whatever kept you stuck, you will be able to make new decisions and take new steps which are much better in alignment with your well-being and purpose. So, the next step is to DO more. To support you in your action-taking, you’ll have weekly access to me and the rest of the group members in the live Group Coaching Call. Expect immediate input, feedback, help, accountability, motivation, and support for your weekly personal or professional challenges, goals, stresses, and to-do’s. You don’t have to do things alone.

The weekly Coaching calls are not your only source of support, accountability, and feeling of belonging. During your membership, you will be part of the Powerhouse Community. This is a warm and welcoming group of women like you. Let’s do this together!

So with Powerhouse you will HAVE it all, be hugely successful and fulfilled, without feeling overwhelmed, small and inadequate. 


Exclusive bonuses



Weekly live Group Coaching Calls

Powerful live calls via Zoom (which also will be recorded). So that you will have frequent and direct access to me. On these weekly calls, I will coach and mentor you on the spot. So tailor-made and personal attention! I help you make decisions, changes, and steps in life so that you will succeed and it feels in alignment with your calling and wellbeing. Expect immediate input, feedback, help, accountability, motivation, and support for your weekly personal or professional challenges, goals, stresses, and to-do’s. You don’t have to do things alone. 

Worth: € 24000

Exclusive bonuses


Soul Surfing Program

An out-of-the-box creative program to bring your deepest sabotaging unconscious blocks to the surface, and give clarity on where you want to be, how that looks like, and what’s holding you back.

Worth: € 1997


Every quarter a personal Powerhouse Breakthrough Session

Get every quarter a personal 1-on-1 transformative Breakthrough session with me. During these mind-blowing sessions via Zoom, I will personally tackle your biggest mental blocks, so you be set free from those issues once and for all.

Worth: € 997


Member of the exclusive Powerhouse Community

You become part of an intimate, personal, and warm Powerhouse Community of like-minded women. Who are going through the same journey as you. So you feel supported, boosted, and never alone.

Worth: € 997


Direct 24/7 Access to the Neuro Hack Library

The Neuro Hack Library includes effective, hands-on techniques, processes, exercises, visualizations, and binaural beats for emotional and mental wellbeing and immediate relief of inner glass ceilings like stress, overwhelm, procrastination, anger, fear, sadness, guilt, and not good enough. So that you can feel happy, empowered, and confident in an instant

Worth: € 2497


Direct 24/7 access to the extensive online Powerhouse Toolkit

This brilliant toolkit is ever-expanding and includes many different eye-opening online courses on mindset, heartset, and gutset. So that you will have immediate and 24/7 access to resources that will invigorate, destress, uplift, inspire, develop and amaze you. Get the right tools to increase your emotional intelligence and be empowered.

Worth: € 4497


30-minute Personal Onboarding Session

Get on a 30-minute private Zoom session with me so you will get the most out of your Powerhouse membership, and I will be able to get to know you personally, so I can help you most efficiently, effectively, and with the best results.

Worth: € 197


Extensive immediate Onboarding Process

For easy, fast, and efficient onboarding.

Worth: € 500


Access to easy to use personal 24/7 accessible portal and mobile app

For unlimited and instant support, mentorship, inspiration, and empowerment.

Worth: € 197


EUR 11.000+

To get the most out of Powerhouse and be able to consume all the content, courses, processes, inspiration, mentoring, and goodies, your commitment to Powerhouse will be at least for 6 months.

Your investment

per 6-months Powerhouse subscription:

Prices are excl. VAT

The Powerhouse subscription will be automatically renewed if you don’t cancel one month before the renewal date

Because this program is done online, and everything will be 24/7 accessible and recorded, time location, and a busy schedule will no longer hold you back to become a fulfilled, happy Powerhouse mom.

Sneak peak

What others say

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Why work with me

As women and moms, it’s important to set an example and leave behind some kind of legacy for our children. I’m an international award-winning coach, trainer, and mentor for ultra-ambitious highly-driven, powerhouse moms. 

I have run a global company for many years and have been the main provider in my family for a long time as well. In my extensive career, I dealt with the feeling of continuously having to choose between my ambitions and spending time with my 2 children. As the breadwinner, I understand the sensitivities when dealing with male pride (I’m married to an Italian man) and social conventions as well.

I have felt the same fears, the overwhelm, the guilt, the pressure, the frustration, and the worries as you have. And I got rid of it!

I was the first in Europe (actually the first in the whole Northern hemisphere) certified as Creatrix® Transformologist® and soon afterward became appointed Head Trainer Europe by the Australian Institute of Women International. This means that next to working one-on-one with clients I’m teaching other European coaches, counselors, therapists, psychologists, doctors, and female professionals in the personal development industry the Creatrix® Transformologist® modality. 

I have been awarded as one of the most successful and impactful Creatrix® Transformologist® in the world. I’m also a certified NLP Master Practitioner, certified DISC Trainer and have been trained in women’s health care, personal and intuitive development. I’m affiliated with NOBCO, ViV, and RBCZ. I’m the author of the (Dutch) book “Balancing Children and Career, A Practical Guide for Working Mothers” and have been featured in nationwide media.


This program is only for professional women who are serious action takers, and who understand that true transformation requires commitment. Women who are highly coachable, ready, and willing to make their personal and professional transformation a priority.

This program is designed for the female brain, and female unconscious mind. It’s highly personal while benefiting from group mentoring too. The difference between a therapist, coach, and me is that I have completed the Creatrix® Transformologist® training (better even, I’m training other coaches and therapists and am a recognized international expert in the personal development industry). I am specialized in the female brain and understand what it really takes to help an ambitious woman deeply and sustainably.

Your commitment to this program will be for at least 6 months. After 6 months your Powerhouse subscription will be automatically renewed if you don’t cancel before the renewal date.

Powerhouse will be in English. And as this program is online, women from all over the world can join this program.

Calls are currently planned each Tuesday at 15.00hrs Amsterdam time on Zoom (except on bank holidays). Calls will take somewhere between 1 to 2 hours. Everyone on the call will get the chance to ask their questions, discuss their personal situations and get input, help, and motivation.
If you can’t be on the call, don’t worry. Just send me your question upfront and I will discuss this during the call. All the calls will be recorded and uploaded in the Powerhouse Portal

The program is online. If there is enough interest, additional offline activities, like a retreat, may be organized.

This program is online, 24/7 accessible, and specifically designed for women with very busy schedules. This means you can do the program at your own pace, on the days and times that suit you best.
If you can’t attend the live Coaching Call, don’t worry. It will all be recorded.

There is never such a thing as the perfect moment. How wonderful would it be if you could NOW go through this intense phase in a way which is balanced, calm, strong and self-confident? Procrastination is often an excuse because change is scary. And if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always got. Do you want that?

Join now