‘No pain, No gain’ is nonsense

Today I heard myself say to my daughter Emilia ‘No pain, No gain’. And the moment I said that to her I could bite my tongue off! Holy sh!t, by saying that I showcase to her exactly that belief that I feel is so not true!

Most of us were brought up with the belief that we can only feel happiness, successful, love, and inner peace by working really hard, and by enduring pain, heaviness, distress and suffering.

I also see this with my clients in my Moms&More practice. My clients are often very ambitious women who go all in (and often too far), who are real overachievers, who don’t feel good enough, who are insecure, stressed, burned out, scared and in survival mode. They’ve done a lot to get rid of their inner glass ceilings. Have read a lot of self-help books, visited coaches or therapists, and had to tell about and work with their traumas often. Too often actually. They are so sick and tired of this!

no pain no gain

Worse even, they have already invested so much time, money and energy, but have not yet found a lasting solution for their mental and emotional blockages. No matter how much they’ve done, they still feel anxious, overwhelmed, worried and frustrated. Yes, maybe they found a strategy to learn to deal with their issues or got a quick fix perhaps. But they are still lacking a real permanent solution for their blockages, as when they are triggered enough they just fall back into their old limiting patterns.

When these women come to me they brace themselves. After all, I promise a quick, thorough and lasting solution for their emotional and mental problems. In fact, I assure results (yes, really, I won’t let you go until we achieved the results that you want and that for one fixed fee no matter how many sessions we need!). So my clients expect a long, painful process that is difficult, hard and terrible to do.

After all, no pain, no gain, right? WRONG!

My program with the Creatrix® modality is fast, painless, fun, in-depth and lasting. Women don’t have to suffer and don’t have to relive, analyse and reflect on their painful, traumatic experiences. Because that’s so old school.

Because as soon as women are given a method that has been developed and tested very specifically on women, and on women alone, this fits seamlessly. Like the right piece of a puzzle.

You can compare this with a Samsung phone (imagine this is a woman) and an iPhone (imagine this is a man). Both phones do the same. You can call, E-mail, message, email, surf the net etc. But if you want to download an iPhone app on a Samsung, it doesn’t work. If you are techy enough to get this app up and running, it will probably be with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. And with the next update, you probably will have to start all over again.
While something that fits exactly, will work smoothly, quickly and easily. And will continue to work that way.

So why we are convinced that we have to suffer? This is because we are so used to undergo methods, processes, therapies etc. that are basically developed for men by men (and are therefore not gender-specific). Most modalities and therapies out there are built on the foundations of psychology for men, independent whether the facilitator is a man or woman. These processes don’t sufficiently take into account how the female brain, perceptions, subconscious, hormones (cycle!), nervous system and intuition works.

It is high time we stop settling for suffering, pain, heaviness, difficulty and quick fixes when we search for happiness. Because as long as we keep doing this, it will remain the standard. Not only for us but also for our next generations.

And my deepest desire is that my daughter Emilia will be very happy without an ounce of pain.

Do you want this too? Do you want to get rid of the not good enough feeling, worry, overwhelm, stress, frustration, fear, anger and other blocks alike?

Then book a Zoom call now and talk with me in a personal -no strings attached- Game Plan call. We will map the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be, and create a Game Plan with assured results. Schedule your complimentary meeting by clicking this link:

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