What most women don’t know about their female cycle

Talking about the female hormonal cycle, and embracing your femininity always felt a bit…. woowoo, awkward, vague, and too new agey for me.

But then I learned some really incredible things about the female cycle, that were absolutely life-changing. And I will share it with you, busy down-to-earth powerhouse mom, too. A long read though, so bear with me here, ok? As this info could really shake your world.

So, our monthly period is something that is just a given. Something we just go through and hardly talk about. It is quite a taboo for most people. Worse even, we can barely remember the immense impact our female cycle has on our daily life, our thinking, feeling and action-taking. It’s just business as usual.

But have you ever wondered why one day you are on top of the world, driven, and energetic. While the next you can hardly motivate yourself to get off the couch? Why one day your are super social, while the next day your dread going to that diner party?

This is all because of your hormones!

The consequences of your hormonal rollercoaster are huge. It’s way more than having a bloated belly or feeling grumpy. You are female in every cell of your body. So your female cycle influences every cell in your body.

Did you know that about 41% of the women who are admitted into psych ward are 1 day before day 1 of their periods? And I can only guess how often doctors have asked these women about their cycle (let alone how often these women questioned their cycle themselves).

And did you know that your menopause starts already when you are about 40 years old? Slowly but steadily, increasing your PMS symptoms enormously?

And did you know that if you add things up you bleed for about 10 years of your life?

You can’t ignore your hormones. You can even benefit from them. Yes, no kidding! Also when you have an IUD, don’t have periods anymore, or if you breastfeed. Because your female cycle is in every cell in your system. It’s a very complex 24/7 exchange of many different hormones. Your cycle can resemble a tsunami or a gentle little wave. You might need to pay close attention to notice a cycle, but still, you really have one.

What I’m going to tell you next is valid for most women. I will take the example of a 4-week cycle though. If your cycle is different, just adapt this info to your specific rhythm. So during this 4-week rhythm, you are actually 4 women in one! Every week of the month you will have another focus, another strength, and another challenge.

Now, let me tell you more about you:

Week 1: In the first week after your period you are in the Dynamic phase. In this phase, you are most rational, mentally strong, productive and motivated. It is the week where you make things happen and get things done. In this phase you start new projects, you are goal-oriented, sharp, your memory is strong, you are most concentrated. You are physically energetic, you need less sleep and you can persevere. The emphasis is on the ego, willpower and what we want and need. This week you feel least vulnerable and emotional. This is where you can become most frustrated when your reality does not match your expectations. This week you tend to start a diet or buy a gym membership.

Week 2: In the 2nd week after your period, in the week that you ovulate, you are in your Interactive phase. This is the week where you feel most feminine. You show yourself to and are focused on the outside world. This is the week when you best connect with others, are most social and focused on relationships, empathy, and compassion. It’s the time when you’re most patient, gentle, feely, and most persuasive. You are caring, very good at non-verbal communication and you have a natural charm and charisma about you. This week you tend to put yourself last, have too little me-time and go beyond your limits. You plan social events and really look forward to them.

Week 3: In the week before your period you are in your Creative phase. This is a difficult phase for most women. PMS often kicks in, taking away your stamina, resilience and mental flexibility. And there is an increase in physical tension, frustration and aggression, mood swings and overwhelming feelings and emotions. You are restless, and in this week the glass is half empty. However, in this phase you are also the most creative, you have moments of brilliant ideas and insights, you are inspired and you start dealing with your emotional challenges. Your subconscious and intuition will play a bigger role, and you will ask yourself life questions and do things more from your heart. You’ll also clean up and let go of everything that no longer serves you. In this phase, you are less rational, less social and tolerant, sensitive to criticism, anxious and need appreciation. So don’t make any big decisions this week. And about the diet and the gym? You quit them this week.

Week 4: In the week of your period you are in the Contemplation phase. This is your most reflective, spiritual week. During this week you need a time-out. Your body needs a rest, so to renew and prepare for the Dynamic phase again. In this week you withdraw yourself, you hate going to social activities (yes, the ones you planned in week 2 of your cycle), and you prefer to hide under a blanket.
You want to escape from pressure, to-do’s, and responsibilities. You are turned inwards, with your attention directed to your subconscious, your intuition, the universe and your soul.

You let go, reflect and accept more. In this phase you go with the flow more easily and you are more in the now than in your head. You sleep more, eat less, and have a feeling of what happens happens. This can often be opposite to what is expected of you in your daily hectic life. This can also make you feel torn between what you want, need and must do. Be kind and accepting to yourself during this phase.

It is high time that we start recognizing and accepting our feminine power, don’t you think? So we judge ourselves less and feel less guilty when we don’t do the things we feel we have to do.

Your cycle has such a big impact on how you feel, not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Are you withdrawn, depressed, super active or do you feel on top of the world? Take a look at your cycle and pass this knowledge on to your daughter, son, and all who you feel could benefit from this info.

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