Jacqueline Doorenbos

Jacqueline Doorenbos

Jacqueline Doorenbos

Jacqueline Doorenbos

My name is Jacqueline Doorenbos. All my life I have been an ambitious working mother. I know all of what it’s like to have many balls in the air, when ambition gnaws at you while your maternal instinct calls you.

Stagnation means decline

I can’t sit still. Life is too beautiful and too interesting not to go for it. I can’t give less than 200%. I admit, it’s not always the easiest way, but it ensures that I get the best out of myself and can pass this on to others. I’ve had my share of challenges in my life, including breast cancer and emigration. Because I am always focused on solving problems and have a positive outlook on life, I turn everything around to learning moments through which such experiences strengthen, motivate and drive me forward.

jacqueline doorenbos

My Legacy

I have always worked with women. First in different companies and later in my own business. I have coached groups of women and helped them towards a happy working life. I am also very experienced when it comes to women-work-family and all the things that can get in your way. I am driven to pass on the best to our children and grandchildren and want to do my part where I can. I do this by taking responsibility for myself and using my wisdom, knowledge, and skills for others. 

Tough love

Others call me a strong woman. I am direct, honest and I highly value integrity. I don’t like hidden agendas or political games. What you see is what you get. 

For Moms&More I work as Virtual Office Manager, and I am responsible for the daily flow of the practice