In the media

Nikolien Martina-Doorenbos has been seen in the media on a regular bases as a coach for ambitious moms.

On this page you find some of the articles.

In the media

In the media

Nikolien Martina-Doorenbos has been seen in the media on a regular bases as a coach for ambitious moms.

On this page you find some of the articles.

In the media

Nikolien in Vrij

Weekend edition of:

Noordhollands Dagblad
Haarlems Dagblad
IJmuider Courant
Leidsch Dagblad
De Gooi- en Eemlander

January 2020

This article speaks about the massive overwhelm women experience. Nikolien is interviewed and shares her take on work-life balance, the need for gender-specific coaching, the female cycle and brain, epigenetics, and the revolutionary success of Creatrix®. This will give a new perspective on coaching for women.

Women's Health

Cover article

Nikolien as expert

April 2018

A cover article about negative emotions, and how these can be a signal that you are doing something that isn’t aligned with your well-being and highest good. It helps you to become aware of your own red flags


Be Inspired


By Nikki Taylor

Nikolien shares her journey on how she became an International award-winning coach and mentor for ultra-ambitious highly driven, powerhouse moms. Moms in C-suite positions, executives, and established entrepreneurs who started their journey to make an impact through their work, wanting to leave a legacy, and need to get rid of secretly feeling not good enough, a fraud, a failure, overwhelmed and burned-out fast and for good.

Voyage of a heroin


You can read the Dutch book for free

In this book, the stories of impactful women are told. How they earn a living by doing something they are very passionate about. Be inspired by these female role models.

Enjoy it


Jacqueline van Lieshout

Nikolien shares her take on motherhood and the challenges mothers face. 

Dutch Newspaper articles

Nikolien is interviewed about:

Stories of students



The experience of Gladys with Nikolien

Former Client Gladys talks about her experience working with Nikolien. She tells how she transformed not only personally, but made a profound professional career switch too.


NRC next

About her  experience with Moms & More

Iris, a journalist for television and newspapers, shares openly about her burn-out and how Nikolien helped her build her own successful company.


Mama expert

about freedom

Do men and women feel equally free?

About the work pressure men and women feel, and how men and women experience free time. 



Nikolien as Famme Fatale

Nikolien was recognized as a role model and interviewed about her journey from being an international headhunter to a worldwide coach for high-achievers.

Nikki Taylor

Inspiring women today

Inspiring stories

Part of an article and book on inspiring women, Nikolien shares openly her journey of becoming a coach and mentor for ambitious moms. So to inspire other women to follow their passion.


Nikolien was asked to join the expert team of a renowned magazine for moms. She gives advice and inspires ambitious moms in the daily challenges they face,

Nikolien in the expert team

working mom expert blogger

More articles

Viva mama

hello baby day


Nikolien was asked to share her expertise on the effect babies have on female friendships

Nikolien in

Nrc handelsblad

First we were husband and wife, now we are managers

Nikolien gives a personal insight into her day, and how she and her husband manage the family.

Money and happiness



Nikolien and her husband are interviewed about their finances and spending

On television


Moms&More was featured on national television

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Other media

Nikolien was

Entrepreneur of the day

Nikolien was quoted in

Ouders van nu