I just can’t have it all

Do you also believe you can’t have it all?

Not so long ago, I realised I was blocked by a pretty big limiting belief. I firmly thought that I had to give up a lot in order to get what I want.

I believed that It was not possible to have it all.

That I had to choose between calm and quiet vs. a high-pressure job, making an impact and realising my big dreams.

That I had to choose between time spent at home with my children vs. time spent at work.

That I had to choose between rest, doing nothing and relaxing vs. financial stability and freedom.

have it all

And as a role model and provider for my family, I felt I actually didn’t have a choice.

Which meant I worked my ass off, was constantly pushing myself, felt unfulfilled, stressed and overwhelmed, and would feel pretty guilty if I would relax, would not enjoy the time off as that would mean I would put my success and financial future in jeopardy.

And then as a leader, I felt torn, vulnerable, failing and pretty imposturous. Because I always believed that as a coach, mentor, and trainer in the personal development industry I had to be perfect and in control. Not have any mental or emotional challenges, but instead be constantly happy, calm, strong, confident, and empowered. How could I otherwise be the one teaching and helping others?

To be really honest with you, I therefore never felt I deserved to have it all…

And I rationally knew it’s not about being perfect in order to deserve, as that is not how real life is.

Because every level has its own new devil. Otherwise, you can’t grow.

I knew this logically, but I couldn’t feel it. My head and heart weren’t aligned. And I was standing in my own way.

So I had to own my shit and get some help to shatter this inner glass ceiling.

Thank goodness for Creatrix®. Due to this profound and fast personal development modality for women, I got the deep inner wisdom that it’s not about choosing, not about being perfect and therefore deserving, but it’s all about accepting.

Accepting your perfect imperfections as you are a human being, not a robot. Owning your issues and taking responsibility by doing something about your blockages instead of blaming yourself or others is actually making you the true role model that you are.

Accepting that you always have a choice, and you can always make new choices and set new priorities. And the choices and priorities you make will have consequences, that need acceptance too. These priorities and consequences aren’t good or bad. They just are. This, for example, means that one day you are completely focused on your work which might mean less me-time, next day your Netflix all day to recoup which might mean that your admin will be done later. Accepting it as it is, gives peace and contentment. This means you go with your flow, instead of going against yourself and punishing yourself and feeling guilty all the time.

I learned that to have it all, doesn’t mean to have strategies, tips and tricks to be able to juggle all your roles and responsibilities in life, but to find peace, contentment, gratefulness, acceptance, strength, faith and love for yourself, in yourself and in your daily challenges.

Due to Creatrix®, I found this.

Do you want to find this too?

I can help you with that. Just schedule your free Game Plan call with me. We will map the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be, and create a Game Plan with assured results. Schedule your complimentary meeting by clicking this link:

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