How you can stop feeling so overwhelmed

As a powerhouse, ultra-ambitious, hard-working executive mom, you might feel secretly overwhelmed.
On the outside, all seems perfect, successful and in place, however, nobody knows that deep down you struggle, you feel pressured and overworked.

You deal with it by keeping your life tightly in control (control freak maybe?) and organised. But it takes sooo much energy.
You keep going, but you’re wondering how long you can take this.

Does this sound familiar? Then keep on reading, as your current coping mechanism might actually work against you and gives you even more stress!

So what does overwhelmed, goals and your eyes have in common?


Men and women have different cells in their eyes. Men have cells that make them see peripheral
l(broad). Women have cells that make them see focus. This is because of evolution. Men had to oversee the woods for hunting, while women had to spot the very tiny details in their baby’s faces.

These cells in the eyes are actually linked to the nervous system. The male peripheral cells to the part of the nervous system that manages relaxation, calmness and feeling relaxed; while the female focus cells are linked to that part of the nervous system that takes care of the fight-flight-freeze reaction.

Now let’s look at your work and life:
Do you set goals? Work against targets?
And do you find yourself procrastinating? Do you have to force yourself to get into action as you secretly would like to hide underneath your blanket?
Do you worry? Go in a frantic overdrive?
Do you feel scared, stressed, overwhelmed or even burned out?

When you want to meet certain goals and targets it creates focus.
Women already have a lot of focus due to those female focus cells in the eyes.
Now, wait for this: chasing these goals and targets might get you in a hyper-focus mode.
And because of that hyper-focus, your nervous system that takes care of the fight-flight-freeze reaction is triggered even further.
This then creates stress, overwhelm, anxiousness, procrastination, and a lot of self-sabotage…

Men though benefit from setting goals and targets (remember they are in a natural relaxation mode due to their male peripheral cells), as this gives them enough adrenalin to get off the couch and get in action.

So if your stop chasing goals and targets so much, you stop the hyper focus and you stop triggering the fight-flight-freeze system, and you stop feeling so overwhelmed. So what you can do instead of goal setting, I leave for the next time.

Let me know what you think. I love to hear from you!

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