The terror in your soft, warm bed. How to kill your midnight fears

midnight fears

3:53. I wake up. I glance at my phone. It’s too early. I’m too tired.

I turn around, ready for more blissful sleep.

But too late…

The evil monkey mind has awakened.

It’s that terror voice in my head.

Whispering midnight fears about money worries. And fears of the future. And what if’s.

About illness. Loss. About trauma. And more what if’s.

I’m getting too hot. Anxiety starts to cripple inside your mind.

It will be long hours till the morning light starts to show.

Many nights I’ve lain awake with fears, worries, anxiety, doubts and thoughts about the future.

Like so many high-achieving women. Worrying about responsibilities, the future, about failing and loss.

Do you recognize this too?

That little voice in your head is making you panic and feel flustered.

This little voice is called the monkey mind.

Because just like a monkey, your brain goes all over the place. It’s hyperactive, constantly leaping around from thought to thought, and never taking time to rest. And the constant stream of negative self-talk, and what if thoughts are like monkey chatter that echoes in your mind for hours.

The monkey chatter is coming from your safety mechanism. That mechanism is there to keep you safe and is constantly on the lookout for dangerous situations. It’s like a constant screening process for threats to your health, wellbeing, and survival. Then when a threat is perceived, it fires all kinds of hormones, inducing your flight, fight, or freeze response, so you either fight the threat or run away from it.

But it actually makes two big mistakes when dealing with your midnight fears:

  1. It misjudges the threat itself
  2. It completely underestimates how well you can manage it

The monkey is generally chattering about three topics:

Uncertainty. Perfectionism. Over-responsibility.

And we all know rationally that uncertainty is a part of life, that you don’t have to be perfect, and you’re not responsible for everything and everyone else around you or their actions. But the monkey mind isn’t rational at all.

So when the monkey in our head awakes, we fall back in the same tried and tested ways to cope with these feelings. Which might help for a little while.

But. The. Monkey. Keeps. Coming. Back.

Because what’s so tricky about this monkey mind is that it’s feeding itself by the actions you take to control your anxiety and fears. The more you try to resist the monkey mind with fear-controlling techniques the more it wants to be heard, and the whispers become louder.

You’re telling yourself that your coping mechanisms are actually necessary: you’re enforcing the anxious thoughts and giving them credibility. You continue to feed the monkey, because you are telling yourself that what you’re doing to avoid, control, or check the situation is necessary because the problem really is dangerous, even when it probably isn’t. And therefore the monkey keeps coming back.

Moreover, when you have ways to deal with your worries, the initial issues aren’t gone. You just shovel it under the carpet.

So it’s just not going to work long term. And you keep wondering how to deal with these midnight fears.

Let me share with you what does work.


Creatrix® is a revolutionary, female-formulated breakthrough process that ends negative patterns for good. It’s an all-in-one modality and therapy that’s fast, lasting, and designed exclusively for women.

It will silence your head and kill that terrorizing monkey, gives you new perspectives on life, and you will experience more peace, calm, confidence, and serene sleep.

Want to know more?

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