Commando training on high heels

It’s Sunday. Late in the afternoon.
I take off my high-heeled shoes.
I do it slooowwwly. Just too afraid of what it will look like when I see my bare feet.
One big mess.

That day I’ve been dancing for 10 hours non-stop. In my 8 cm high heels.
The European championship Formation Ballroom Dancing in Berlin is coming closer.
So we hired a drill sergeant to prepare us.
For commando training. In high heels.
It was tough. It was painful. I was nearly on the point of breakdown.

But this was also what I’m good at.
Persevering. Pushing through. Surviving.
Not. Giving. Up.
Because no pain no gain.
Because only when working hard you will be successful.
Because fear it and do it anyway.

And this is what most of my clients are believing too.
As they are women who are ultra-driven.
Who are action takers, and high-achievers.
Women who know how to be successful.
But they are also women who have a secret that slowly crushes them.
Like I had too.

My secret was I felt small. Never good enough. And I was waiting for the moment that everything would fall apart because my success was all just mere luck.
So I felt a constant pressure to maintain my success. And I was always worried I wouldn’t be able to do it again. And again. And again. And then I would lose everything. And all my hard work was for nothing.
And who would I be without success, accomplishment, and recognition?

Do you recognize this too?
The biggest mistake I have made for a long time was linking my self-worth to my success. And as I believed I had to do more in order to be more successful, and therefore be more worthy, I worked my @ss off. Always.
And it never felt enough.

I would always feel guilty about not doing even more. Even as being driven is my second nature, I felt stuck, frustrated, overworked, and overwhelmed. And pushing myself actually made it worse.
And this dimmed my light. It ripped away my happiness, and drained my energy. So even when I seemed successful, it just never felt that way.
And this went on for years. Until I learned…

I could hire countless scary drill sergeants to give me commando training in high heels. Or worse even, I could be that drill sergeant myself and keep pushing myself.
But in the end, it won’t really make me successful, because I can’t be better than my mindset. I can’t outperform my limiting beliefs.

So, actually, true success will not come from doing more, but from being more.
And therefore not about working harder, but working smarter.
Literally smarter.
With more emotional intelligence.
By once and for all letting go of the limiting beliefs that I am only good enough if I’m successful.
That I can only be successful if I work hard. And that I would lose everything if I would relax.

And that’s what I did.
I finally let go of my inner glass ceilings.
With Creatrix®.

And now I know how not only to work hard but play hard and relax even harder too.
And I experienced that true success can be found in believing in yourself, in being empowered, and by giving yourself permission to just be, instead of do.

Now, are you in a constant hustle mode, like I was?
Do you feel guilty when you sit on your couch and watch Netflix?
Do you snap at your spouse and kids way too often, because you are stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked?
Do you feel the pressure and worry about your responsibilities? Your financial security? Your achievements?
I got you.

Please reach out, so you can be hugely successful, but without working so hard and secretly feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, and small.
Just schedule a 1;1 call with me via this link:

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