Change will not last

In the past, I’ve made some expensive mistakes. I joined some big, fancy personal development programs from some well-known coaches that people were raving about change. And because of all this enthusiasm, wonderful testimonials (and probably very good sales and marketing), I jumped in too. But then it turned out to be a huge disappointment.
And to be honest, a little negative inner voice whispered to me: ‘It’s not a surprise that it doesn’t work for me. I fail. I am not good enough. It works for everyone else, but -again- not for me…’.

Do you recognize this too?
Most women do.

Let me already disclose to you what I’ve learned over the years and what I want you to know too: it’s not your fault. You haven’t failed. Two things failed you.

In this message, I will explain reason one, and later this week I will share reason two with you.

Maybe you have spent a lot of money seeing a coach but still suffer from certain blockages.
And most likely you blame yourself for not doing enough, not working hard enough. Am I right?

You need to know though, that there is a huge difference between transformation and change!


Most coaches facilitate change, not transformation.

So what’s the difference?

How I see it, is that change is becoming someone you, deep down are not. It’s becoming a square when you are by nature a circle. It’s like turning into a sun when you are meant to be a moon. In that case, you put a mask on and need to force yourself to stay in that newfound identity. This takes a huge amount of energy and willpower.

And you might say, yes but isn’t that growth? Isn’t it a good thing to get out of your comfort zone? My take: it’s only growth when it is already (a maybe hidden) part of your authentic make-up, a purpose so you will, and in alignment with your wellbeing and highest good. When it’s already inside you and was just temporarily blocked due to for example limiting emotions or beliefs.

When it’s not part of your blueprint, not part of your truest self, it’s just a mask, a learned role. And this is not something sustainable. You go against your flow. Therefore change is not lasting.
It takes so much effort to keep it up, and after a while, you just slip back to old patterns and behaviour.

Transformation on the other hand is becoming an enhanced version of the you that you already are. From a circle, you transform into a ball. You become a moon 2.0.
Transformation is in complete alignment with your calling and with your nature. Therefore, transformation doesn’t take a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Doesn’t take pushing and pulling.

Change is often very visible and radical (and therefore does give you short term halleluja, rainbows, unicorns and confetti moments). Transformation is very gentle, subtle and soft. It feels very natural because becoming the you who you deep down already are is very natural. It doesn’t need so much friction like change does (and is on the outside maybe not so spectacular to witness 😉 )
And as it’s already part of you, transformation is long-lasting.

So when you were disappointed in a coach you hired or a program you bought: was the aim of true transformation, or a sensational change?

When you are fed up with the highs and lows of change and want real lasting transformation. Let’s talk!

Just hit the link below:


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