A silent rebel or blood on your face?

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In shock, I paused scrolling through my Facebook timeline. Is that blood? On her face? And did she just call it ‘her moonblood’? Iieeeuuuwww…. Gross. Why on earth would she do that? I read her post and she spoke about embracing her sacred femininity. And aligning with her womanhood.About being vulnerable, sensual, and real. Sure, if […]

A hateful love note

A hateful love note

This Valentine’s morning I started my day just like any other Monday morning.With some peace and quiet and a homemade cappuccino (I make really bad ones according to my Italian husband Maurizio). Not knowing that an email would land in my inbox soon, sent by a self-proclaimed peace-loving, Buddhism practitioner who turned out to be…. […]

Why am I so unmotivated?


Why do I feel unmotivated? Although you might not know it yet, the following 5 thoughts are extremely toxic and unproductive. They will suck your time and energy, make you feel unmotivated, ignite procrastination, and will make you less happy. So if you notice yourself thinking any of these things more than a couple of […]

How you unknowingly sabotage your own growth and development

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This could well be the most impactful and hopeful quote you’ve read in a long, long time: ‘The most important type of spiritual growth doesn’t happen when you’re meditating or on your yoga mat. It happens in the midst of conflict—when you are frustrated, angry, or scared, doing the same old thing, but then, suddenly, […]

Change will not last

IM Change will not last

In the past, I’ve made some expensive mistakes. I joined some big, fancy personal development programs from some well-known coaches that people were raving about change. And because of all this enthusiasm, wonderful testimonials (and probably very good sales and marketing), I jumped in too. But then it turned out to be a huge disappointment.And […]