The ugly truth of your beautiful 2022 Planner

2022 planner

As the high-achieving powerhouse mom that you are, you like to plan, right? So you’ve probably just completed a ‘2022 Planner’ workbook. Yes, the one with a beautiful cover and cute font. You have created a shiny 2022 vision board. You have set your amazing New Year’s intentions, resolutions, and goals. Like. You. Do. Every. […]

‘No pain, No gain’ is nonsense

no pain no gain

Today I heard myself say to my daughter Emilia ‘No pain, No gain’. And the moment I said that to her I could bite my tongue off! Holy sh!t, by saying that I showcase to her exactly that belief that I feel is so not true! Most of us were brought up with the belief […]

The secret Mental Load that crushes Powerhouse Moms

IM The secret Mental Load that crushes Powerhouse Moms

Powerhouse moms are women who have it all-a career, a family, and social life. These women are often highly successful because they can do it all with ease and confidence, or so it seems… In reality, they secretly struggle with a massive mental load due to all the responsibilities they feel they have. Most C-suite […]

You don’t have something hanging between your legs

IM You dont have something hanging between your legs

Earlier this week, I’ve shared with you some expensive hiring and buying mistakes I’ve made, and then blaming myself for it. I disclosed to you that I’ve learnt that I was not a failure, but that two things were actually failing me. And likely are failing you too. First thing was that you probably not […]