Stop chasing goals and targets, do this instead

IM Stop chasing goals and targets do this instead

Earlier this week I shared with you how women can go into a nasty hyperfocus when chasing goals and targets, and then start to procrastinate, feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and burned out.(If you have missed this, read it back HERE first). I got dozens of reactions from women saying it gave them massive AHA-moments, but who were […]

How you can stop feeling so overwhelmed

IM how you can stop

As a powerhouse, ultra-ambitious, hard-working executive mom, you might feel secretly overwhelmed.On the outside, all seems perfect, successful and in place, however, nobody knows that deep down you struggle, you feel pressured and overworked. You deal with it by keeping your life tightly in control (control freak maybe?) and organised. But it takes sooo much […]