Facing 1 of my fears: I was cuddling with deadly sharks


Facing my fears… “This could be dangerous, you know. Are you sure you’re not bleeding somewhere?”A man is looking me in the eye.I silently nod.There is no way back now. I’m on a tiny boat on the Pacific Ocean, near the Galápagos Islands. I’m getting prepared to swim with sharks.Real Sharks.Big ones.Without a cage. These […]

The terror in your soft, warm bed. How to kill your midnight fears

midnight fears

3:53. I wake up. I glance at my phone. It’s too early. I’m too tired. I turn around, ready for more blissful sleep. But too late… The evil monkey mind has awakened. It’s that terror voice in my head. Whispering midnight fears about money worries. And fears of the future. And what if’s. About illness. […]

Why am I so unmotivated?


Why do I feel unmotivated? Although you might not know it yet, the following 5 thoughts are extremely toxic and unproductive. They will suck your time and energy, make you feel unmotivated, ignite procrastination, and will make you less happy. So if you notice yourself thinking any of these things more than a couple of […]

She ghosted me

she ghosted me

“Mom needs to jump on Zoom now, so Dad will bring you to bed.” It’s just before 7:30 pm on a weekday evening. I have a Zoom appointment in my calendar with a woman who has booked a call through my online calendar. She is a successful coach and a recognized author, but she runs […]