Read this when you find it difficult to ask for help too

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Recently someone commented on my socials saying that “A real strong woman is able to deal with her own issues and can handle her own problems”… OMG, that made me cringe, especially after all those hundreds of women I’ve met in recent years, who were so brave, courageous, and strong to ask for help when […]

Get rid of your mom guilt

mom guilt

As most ambitious moms you might struggle between work and home. And you might feel mom guilt. Working mothers are often victims of a condition called “mom guilt”. This feeling is a result of the internal struggle between career and family life. Whether it’s feeling culpable for not being home enough or for working too […]

What most women don’t know about their female cycle

dont know about female cycle

Talking about the female hormonal cycle, and embracing your femininity always felt a bit…. woowoo, awkward, vague, and too new agey for me. But then I learned some really incredible things about the female cycle, that were absolutely life-changing. And I will share it with you, busy down-to-earth powerhouse mom, too. A long read though, […]

The worst, most painful advice that was ever given to me

worst advice

“You wanted to have a child, so you’ll have to make sacrifices. Taking a step back in your career is quite normal, you know. Your child is more important than your work and your career, isn’t it?” Did I hear this right? Having just become a mother of my first child, I was given advice […]

The words that haunted me for years…

the words that haunted me for years

It was pretty early in my career. I was working in a demanding corporate position. I vividly remember my boss, the CEO of the company, lecturing me over and over again: “You are as good as your last success” And these words haunted me for years. They were so very poisonous on so many levels. […]