Are you doing too much or are you doing the wrong things?

Today, one of my gorgeous clients had a big aha-moment.

As she felt bored with life, my client, let’s call her Lisa, was suffering from a burnout (or perhaps a boreout). Lisa is a brilliant, energetic woman who thrives on the thrill of starting new projects. When allowed to explore, play, create, and discover, she is flourishing. Creation gives her energy, joy and this is what she excels at. She is like a starter engine.

When she needs to be consistent, when she needs to follow routines, and when she needs to execute things on repeat, Lisa secretly feels bored. When something is no longer new and just needs daily upkeep, she loses her spirit. It’s when she has to become like a diesel engine that she feels so demotivated.

However, Lisa started to feel that being a starter engine wasn’t good enough. As she felt criticized by others who claimed she was unpredictable, not following through, and not persevering. Lisa started to believe that she had to be a diesel engine too. So she made herself stop creating more and limited her efforts strictly to routines and maintenance.

And she became so incredibly bored. This was draining her energy and lust for life.

Lisa became so tired and pretty lethargic. She, therefore, concluded that she had done too much and that she had to rest, free her agenda, and basically be in winter-sleep mode. But without any new exciting projects in her life, she fell into a vicious circle.

are you doing too much or the wrong things

In our session today I told her she probably experiences this burn/bore-out not because she is doing too much, but because she is doing the wrong things.

As starter engines don’t have to be diesel engines.

This was a complete eye-opener for her!

Lisa felt so relieved she unapologetically can start new projects. And when it becomes routines and she starts to get bored she can just hand it over to her team.

Are you also not doing too much, but are you doing the wrong things?

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