I’m Nikolien – it’s nice to meet you!


I’m Nikolien – it’s nice to meet you!


My great-great-great-grandmother set up her first business in the early 1800s. I guess you could say that it’s in my genes!

The women in my family have been running their own businesses for centuries. In the early 19th century, my great-great-great-grandmother, Anna, set up a flourishing business in the textile industry. Back then it was uncommon for women to have their own careers or to even earn their own money at all! What was even more unusual was that as Anna’s business became more successful, her husband, Jan, left his job as a policeman to work with her. Anna was the main breadwinner in their household and Jan was always so supportive of his wife. I’m proud to say that they were a couple who were very ahead of their time! 

Over 200 years later, her daughters, granddaughters and every other female ancestor are all continuing her incredible legacy by becoming successful entrepreneurs themselves. 


Anna’s legacy

As women and moms, it’s important to set an example and leave behind some kind of legacy for our children. I’m delighted to say that Anna’s entrepreneurial spirit runs in my veins too and it means a lot to be able to carry on her amazing legacy. 

I’m fiercely passionate about helping other female change-makers, entrepreneurs, and executives to live their best lives and positively impact the world! 

Yes, I’m a high-achiever, an explorer, a business owner, but I’m also a woman, a mother, and an individual who leads from the heart and wants to make a difference! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the common misconception that running your own business is all about earning money. We all want and need to earn money but being a female entrepreneur is so much more than that. 

 I am no-nonsense, open, direct, and not afraid to give some tough love when needed, but I can also offer you the much needed warmth, support, and nurturing as well. Business isn’t all grey suits and cold boardroom meetings. It’s about kind communities, happy clients, and being a positive role model for our children.

From Ballroom Dancer to International Business Owner

My career journey so far has been an interesting one. Today, I’m an international award-winning coach, trainer, and mentor for ultra-ambitious highly-driven, powerhouse moms. I have run a global company for many years and have been the main provider in my family for a long time as well.

However, before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked in several high-pressure executive corporate positions around the world. And before that I used to be a top athlete in Ballroom dancing, doing international competitions while earning an MBA degree.


A couple of years ago, I wasn’t feeling satisfied with the results my female clients were seeing. It felt too much like a quick-fix, or like a strategy to deal with other issues. The thing is, when you need a strategy to deal with issues, it means that the underlying problem hasn’t gone away. I wanted to do things differently. Back then, I felt as though I was doing the same stuff as all the other coaches and therapists were doing. We had an average strategy and subsequently, average results. That’s why we weren’t going anywhere! 

But as they say: “What got you here won’t get you there!” and so I knew that something had to change if I wanted to get better results for my clients. 

So I started a quest. And this quest led me all the way to unknown territory in Australia. I left my 2 young children aged 1 and 4 years old for almost a month, while searching for the very best solution for women with mental and emotional glass ceilings. And I found it!

Creatrix® Transformology®

I learned Creatrix® Transformology® at the Institute of Women International and took this modality home, as the very first Creatrix® Transformologist® in the northern hemisphere!

Soon I became the Head Trainer and Division Manager Europe for Institute of Women International. This means that next to working one-on-one with moms in C-suite positions, executives, and established entrepreneurs, I’m teaching other European coaches, therapists, psychologists, doctors, and professionals in the personal development industry the Creatrix® modality too.

In my extensive career, I dealt with the feeling of continuously having to choose between my ambitions and spending time with my 2 children. As the breadwinner, I understand the sensitivities when dealing with male pride (I’m married to an Italian man) and social conventions as well.

I have felt the same fears, the overwhelm, the guilt, the pressure, the frustration, and the worries as you have. And I got rid of it!

I have a lasting solution for you. So you too can live a fulfilling, impactful life and leave behind an incredible legacy.

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